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Woodland Publishing

20 Essential Supplements for Super Health: Today's Can'T-Do-Without Nutritional Supplements That Can Prevent Disease and Ultimately Save Your Life

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ISBN: 1580543596
Издательство: Woodland Publishing
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 224
Book DescriptionFrustrated by the prospect of figuring out which of the thousand supplements you should take? Confused by the barrage of conflicting advice and over-hyped claims? Don?t want to take a dozen pills every day? This book is for you! Focusing on the tried and true as well as new and upcoming supplements, this invaluable guide provides all you need to know about the 20 essential herbal vitamin/mineral and other natural supplements that have the most promise for the average individual. These are the supplements that have the widest range of health benefits ? from heart disease to cancer diabetes ? and have the backing of modern science that they work. Don?t worry about having to take dozens of supplements every day to maintain good health ? this reference tells you which are worth the hassle.