Обложка книги Bitter Melon: Nature's Anti-Diabetic

Bitter Melon: Nature's Anti-Diabetic

ISBN: 0974296201;
Издательство: Amazing Herbs Press
Страниц: 51

Book DescriptionThe benefits and potency of Bitter Melon have been known to Asian, South American and African cultures for centuries, but only now is the therapeutic potential of this herb being fully unraveled to those of us in the Western World, wherein thousands of individuals already use Bitter Melon as an alternative herbal remedy to treat diabetes, to help regulate fat metabolism and as an antiviral agent, particularly in HIV/AIDS. This book takes you through the history of the herb?s use around the globe and explains its application in the treatment of a range of illnesses and conditions. We summarize the latest scientific and medical research into the mode of action of the active components within the Bitter Melon fruit, plant, root and seeds and also provide a number of recipes that you can use as a means to include this nutritious and potentially therapeutic vegetable in your daily diet.

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