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Gorkha And Other Ethnic Herbal Medicines

ISBN: 1581125100;
Издательство: Universal Publishers
Страниц: 420

Book DescriptionGorkhas are inhabitants of the southern foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and the adjoining plains. Using their own ethnic medicines they survived thousands of years in the chilly hills and sultry mosquito and fly infested regions below.H. K Pradhan belongs to this community. Noticing miraculous effects of some such medicines, yet in early teens, he started garnering their secret tips about 45 years ago. These tips/ medicines had gradually evolved at the least since as far back as 6 millennia. He came across medicines possibly learnt by chance, by trial and error, by observing animals using herbs as medicines, and some of them believed as learnt in dreams or even with the help of occult rituals. He was curious as to how such communitiescould know innumerable medicines even before modern science evolved. According to a hint in the Atharvaveda, the precursor of the Ayurveda, and the Ayurvedic nomenclature of the herb, a subgroup among the ethnic Gorkha community known...