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Sebastian Kneipp

My Will: A Legacy To The Healthy And The Sick

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ISBN: 0766192733
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 400
Book DescriptionIt is a common practice for everyone who has acquired something or effected anything in his life time, to take steps for securing its continuance in the future, and to make sure that it will fall into the hands of those who will value it and make good use of it, and it is to ensure this that a Man makes his Will. I have during the last few years written many books on various subjects not for my own profit but for that of mankind, especially for that portion of it afflicted with pain and wretchedness of whatever sort. I have written them in the simplest possible language so that everyone can understand and select from them that which is helpful in his or her particular need. Above all I have, in these books, given rules for people of everyrank and condition, rules for living, and hints how to help themselves in emergencies. My whole effort has been to point out and explain what the Creator offers us in Water and in Herbs. As in an Exhibition various objects are exposed...
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