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Nancy Pauling Bruning

Stop Colds and Flu the Natural Way : A Comprehensive Guide to Drug-Free Remedies Appropriate for the Entire Family

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ISBN: 1596871458
Издательство: iBooks, Inc
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 224
Book DescriptionNatural medicine can help anyone breeze through the cold and flu season without a sniffle; in fact, it's often better and more complete than conventional medicine. Using herbs, healing foods, medicinal teas, supplements, and alternative therapies, this eye-opening guide provides a complete program of prevention and natural cold remedies that are safe and work with readers' own healing forces. Step-by-step help shows how to ease symptoms, shorten recovery time, and alleviate related problems such as cold sores, fever, and congestion. Included are: A delicious medicinal soup to make at the first sign of a cold; the truth about Echinacea; the danger of taking antibiotics, and why commercial cold remedies can slow healing.