Обложка книги Visionary Medicine: Real Hope for Total Healing

Visionary Medicine: Real Hope for Total Healing

ISBN: 0876044720;
Издательство: A.R.E. Press (Association of Research & Enlig
Страниц: 201

Book DescriptionWhat is holistic healing? How does the mind affect the body? Why is good nutrition important for physical, mental, and spiritual health? How can exercise and massage help to improve well-being and prevent degenerative disease? Can prayer really heal? This book examines these and other questions from the perspective of the Edgar Cayce readings, drawing parallels to current research and to ancient and modern techniques of holistic healing. Readers will learn how they can prevent and heal illness with: *Energy medicine *Movement therapy and bodywork techniques *Herbal remedies and aromatherapy *Holistic nutrition *Hydrotherapy Many of these natural therapies recommended by Edgar Cayce have similarities to techniques employed in the traditional philosophies of yoga, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine. They are also represented in more recently developed healing methods, such as light therapy and magnetic field therapy. Visionary...