Обложка книги The Shiatsu Way to Health: Relief and Vitality at a Touch

The Shiatsu Way to Health: Relief and Vitality at a Touch

ISBN: 4770028946;
Издательство: Kodansha International (JPN)
Страниц: 144

Book DescriptionShiatsu is an Asian massage art that can prevent disease and stimulate the body's natural recuperative powers. With just a few basic techniques of hand placement and gentle circular movement and pressure, readers can begin to use shiatsu -- whether alone or with a partner -- to reduce the effects of high blood pressure; strengthen the heart, liver, and kidneys; improve circulation; relieve muscle fatigue; and improve sexual vitality. It can also be used to help in slimming and toning. Intended for the complete beginner, The Shiatsu Way to Health starts from the basic techniques and shows how to massage the entire body, one area at a time. Author Namikoshi goes on to demonstrate simple processes for increasing vitality of various kinds, including sexual vitality and the strength of the heart and other internal organs. He shows how to treat specific ordinary ailments like migraines, eye strain, heartburn, constipation, and premenstrual cramps. A chapter on doing...

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