Обложка книги Juergen Teller: Marchenstuberl

Juergen Teller: Marchenstuberl

ISBN: 3882438630;
Издательство: Steidl
Страниц: 144

One of the stars of fashion photography and one of its most resolute interpreters of beauty and fashion, Juergen Teller is known for disregarding conventions and pointing his camera behind the scenes of glamour to reveal models in all their personality and vulnerabiliy. Teller serves the world of the beautiful, but with a critical, personal eye. In his last book, More , he collaborated with supermodel Stephanie Seymour, photographing her in her three lavish homes, surrounded by her art collection, her home furnishings, her property, and her unexpectedly hilarious, bare-all, exaggerated attitude. This examination of the private sphere led Teller to produce his most recent series, Marchenstuberl , which explores his and his family's roots--literally. Taking his camera down into the basement of his parents' house, he photographed their wet bar, known among family members as the Marchenstuberl ("fairy tale corner"). Intensely reminiscent and abstractly...

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