Обложка книги Poetic Listening

Poetic Listening

ISBN: 059530348X;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 120

Book Description Poetic Listening aims at capturing, by a subtle letting go, in words that which is beyond the words themselves. The interplay between sections that appear to flow more freely and those that intentionally A?bogA? the reader down in the hope of pausing the experience of reading itself, is a deliberate attempt at showing that the idea of A?flowA?, a fluidity with regards to the experience of experience, is ever-present, and that it ultimately is up to each individual whether or not to participate in this, the only A?now experienceA? that is their life. It is because of this that Poetic Listening not only succeeds at pointing to the experience of meditation in the waythat a sign points to a given idea or action, but also exists as a meditation itself, in the way that a symbol embodies that which it references. Participate and enjoy; grounding, breathe, feel, flow, relax, pause, expand,...

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