Обложка книги Teach the Children Meditation

Teach the Children Meditation

ISBN: 1887472967;
Издательство: 1st World Library
Страниц: 108

Book DescriptionOur children are our life blood, our truth, our being and they are our future. Whatever is fed into our children by example, peer pressure, teachers, and media, is going to impact their lives in ways we may not want. Life is more difficult, more confusing, than when we were children. Because of this, it is necessary to give them a safe base within, where they feel secure and where their own truth lies. Meditation is one of the ways. How lovely it would be if we taught the children at an early age how to Meditate, to go within, so that they reach their teens and adulthood feeling centered and aware. And how best to be taught than by you, the parent. Not only will your children benefit from the experience of having you take them through themeditation process, but you too will benefit from the closeness that will occur from this sharing which is so special.

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