Обложка книги Principles of Meditation (Meditation with Audio CD Series)

Principles of Meditation (Meditation with Audio CD Series)

ISBN: 0967911389;
Издательство: Radiant Dolphin Press
Страниц: 132

Book Description"Principles of Meditation with Audio CD" is the first of three book/CD meditation combinations offering a complete course in the practice and application of meditation. This book introduces Westerners to the deep and ancient tradition of meditation in Yoga, Buddhism, Zen, and Taoism, and then guides step-by-step into personally experiencing it. The CD begins with a brief lecture on meditation in Eastern philosophies, including meditations to give listeners an experience of each philosophy. Part Two helps listeners hone their mental tools to begin meditating. Part Three carefully and sensitively guides listeners into the most important meditation traditions of breathing, visualizing, mind/body, harmony, and emptiness. The last section offers guided meditations to bring about deep inner calm. The CD is separated into tracts for easy access to the different sections.

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