Обложка книги The Epistle: Letters for the Prison Inmate (Epistle Series)

The Epistle: Letters for the Prison Inmate (Epistle Series)

ISBN: 1930580363;
Издательство: Ulyssian Publications
Страниц: 30

Book Description"Letters for the Prison Inmate" focuses on the natural consequences of criminal behavior: being "busted" by the police, paying the consequences, and facing responsibility. But it also focuses on the spiritual aspects of these experiences, thinking of Jesus as the Cop who "busts" wrongdoers because He truly loves them and wants them to chose heaven instead of hell (what prison really is). The letters are intended to encourage the prison population to chose life and not death, to encourage the inmates that what was meant for evil can yet be turned to good, if they only let Jesus "clean up the mess." Some of the letters can be used as tracts to reach both the unsaved and the backsliders. In addition, "Letters for the Prison Inmate" was written for chaplains and anyone else who feels called to prison ministry: ? To use as a study guide or as Bible study material; ? To "renew the mind" (Romans 12:2); ? To encourage...

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