Обложка книги Life Beyond Confusion and Fear

Life Beyond Confusion and Fear

ISBN: 0595364748;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 86

Book DescriptionWANT TO LIVE LIFE BEYOND YOUR CONFUSION AND FEAR? Taylor suggests we are a society in mourning with few adult tools to grieve ?The continual threat of terrorism and war coupled with current stresses of daily life leave us afraid and confused?triggering childhood wounds and adult doubts about our ability to cope. Many of us express this unresolved confusion, fear, grief and tension through compulsive and addictive behaviors. We may eat too much, drink, drug or smoketoo much, love, shop, work, gamble or worry too much. But we begin to live out of fear rather than faith?compulsion rather than choice?isolation rather than unity as we long to anchor our safety into something predictable and secure? ?Our stress,? Taylor states, ?if not resolved, gets expressed through mal-adaptive methods of coping which ultimately reveal themselves in physical ailments or injuries, psychological unrest, spiritual isolation or...

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