Обложка книги A Woman's Complete Guide to Natural Health

A Woman's Complete Guide to Natural Health

ISBN: 1583331557;
Издательство: Avery Publishing Group
Страниц: 287

Amazon.com A Woman's Complete Guide to Natural Health aims to help women keep their bodies in balance using a variety of natural healing modalities. Authors Lynne Paige Walker--pharmacist and expert in homeopathy, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture--and medical writer Ellen Hodgson Brown discuss women's hormones and the problems with synthetic HRT, recommending plant hormone alternatives and naturopathic approaches to address the underlying causes of hormone imbalance and reduce toxic chemical and heavy metal buildup. Most of the book is a compendium of 140 women's ailments, from acne to yeast infections, describing the shortcomings of conventional treatments and recommending natural remedies: Chinese medicine, herbs, flower essences, homeopathy, and nutritional supplements. Most ailments get just 1 to 3 pages due to the number of conditions covered. Still, there's plenty of information to digest. For high blood pressure, for example, the authors present data on the side effects...

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