Обложка книги Miracle JuicesT: Energize: Juices to Invigorate

Miracle JuicesT: Energize: Juices to Invigorate

ISBN: 0600606953;
Издательство: Hamlyn
Страниц: 64

Book Description Feeling lethargic, irritable, without enthusiasm? Here's the appetizing cure: juices that give some get up and go! Instead of foods that provide a sugar rush followed by a quick letdown, these drinks supply a constant and slow release of sugar throughout the day. A carrot, beetroot, and orange Power Pack packs a real punch, with loads of vitamins A and C, antioxidants and potassium. Kale and Hearty--with spirulina and wheatgrass--is a sure way to become hale and healthy. A carbohydrate-rich mix of apples, mangos, and passion fruit makes up the Energy Bubble, a perfect after-exercise concoction. Or savor the refreshing Liven Up (Galia melon, pineapple, apple), a yummy All Nighter smoothie, and banana-based Round the Clock. Every one fights the downers!

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