Обложка книги Antioxidants: And Other Stories

Antioxidants: And Other Stories

ISBN: 1592640842;
Издательство: Toby Press
Страниц: 305

Book DescriptionThe ten stories in Antioxidants and other stories expose men and women whose lives have reached turning points they can't ignore. Meet a woman on the rebound from a breakup who takes a chance with a blind photographer; a song writer, shattered by the death of his brother; a shy savant who wields the I-Ching to avoid a broken heart; a young woman who declares her love with a daring tattoo; a teacher who must pay his gambling debts tutoring the son of a loan shark; a professor testing his rejected doctoral thesis through an encounter of the flesh in Tahiti; a veteran trainer who struggles to save a proud but declining boxer. These characters will strike a chord with the choices many of us face in our own lives. Bennett has an exceptional eye and voice for the very human foibles in all of us.