Обложка книги Health from the Seas: Freedom from Disease

Health from the Seas: Freedom from Disease

ISBN: 1890612294;
Издательство: Vital Health Publishing
Страниц: 140

Book DescriptionThe oceans teem with life and provide the basis for the nourishment of the world! Blood plasma serves as a microcosmic reflection of the rich nutrient bath that is seawater. And from the harvest of these waters come unique and valuable medicinal treasures for the health and healing of mankind. Health From the Seas categorizes and describes these nutrient treasures and offers scientific proof as well as first-hand evidence of their efficacy. Learn how and why: *The New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel holds the key to overcoming arthritis and other autoimmune inflamatory conditions. *Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil are not only heart healthy, but also help to maintain mental acuity and brain performance. *Deep sea shark liver oil may boost the immune system to reduce the risk of cancer and assist the body in fighting off infections and other diseases. *An oyster extract/marine algae supplement can relieve hangovers and help to avoid alcohol damage to...