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Footballers' Haircuts

ISBN: 0297830902;
Издательство: Not Avail
Страниц: 96

Book DescriptionNowadays, hardly a week goes by without the front pages being overtaken by pictures of David Beckham's latest hairstyle. Being hailed recently as 'the most influential man in Britain', and an all-round style icon, it's easy to forget justhow many follicular catastrophes have graced the heads of previous footballing generations. So now, here they all are, in their full ' glory' celebrating 100 years of amazing 'dos in over 80 photographs, all complimented with fascinating player anecdotesand incredible football tales. From pre-war pudding bowls to the pampered perms of the Premiership, they're all here. The awesome Afros, dodgy dye jobs, blush-worthy bleaches and the absurd extensions. The highlights, the lowlights, and not forgetting, of course, the ultimate footballers' haircut, the magnificent mullet. From the hairstyle hits to those which missed by a mile, discover just who had the most horrific hairdos in football and be thankful that no one knows that you had...