Обложка книги The New Body Book

The New Body Book

ISBN: 0764122347;
Издательство: Barrons Educational Series
Страниц: 188

Book Description As every woman knows, there is no one way to create the perfect body. The New Body Book brings together recent developments in the four pillars of beauty wisdom in a way that can help every woman make the most of her natural endowments. Those basics are: Exercise Diet and lifestyle Beauty treatments Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery This book offers every woman a chance to compare and contrast these alternatives, then select from them and put together a customized health and beauty routine. Author Nicola Moulton divides her advice and instruction into five categories. The first four will help each woman develop her full potential for facial and body health and good looks. The fifth section tells her how to maintain health and keep appearance in top form: The Body: A look at its overall health, and how to improve deficiencies Top: Beauty tips for face, skin, neck, teeth, eyes, and hair Middle: Advice for...