Обложка книги Alternative Femininities : Body, Age and Identity (Dress, Body, Culture)

Alternative Femininities : Body, Age and Identity (Dress, Body, Culture)

ISBN: 1859738087;
Издательство: Berg Publishers
Страниц: 256

Book Description Imagine a world where oppressive, over-feminized media images of women have re-armed themselves with army boots, body modifications, and flamboyant hair. Is this just another fairy tale, and if so, why can't it be a reality? Holland unpacks the myth of model womanhood and considers how a group of real women define and practice "femininity." How does aging affect notions of femininity? What do women think about fashion, gender, and appearance as they grow older and less visible in ourmedia dominated society? Do they choose to tone down or stay "out there," and what motivates their choice? Alternative Femininities gives voice to a previously silent group of women who struggle to resist sexist gender stereotypes, yet age with style, individuality and creativity. By looking at how real women negotiate self-perception in an increasingly image-conscious society, Holland provides a corrective to other accounts of gender and femininity lacking in real data. ...

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