Обложка книги The Man-ual : The Guy's Guide to Being a Man's Man

The Man-ual : The Guy's Guide to Being a Man's Man

ISBN: 0767914899;
Издательство: Broadway
Страниц: 208

Book Description Amaze friends. Intimidate enemies. Charm women. A real man would know: The difference between beer glasses and beer goggles. How to kick a hangover. Why beer steins have lids. How to measure a woman’s cup size. What each of the NASCAR flags means. Which baseball team has changed stadiums more than any other MLB team. Why the NFL is sometimes referred to as the “no fun league.” How to win a tractor pull, demolition derby, and lawn mower race. Which poker hand “Wild Bill” Hickock was holding when he was shot in the head. Why golf balls have dimples. How to play baccarat, James’s Bond’s game of choice. Which of the Three Stooges was both a violin player and a successful lightweight boxer. How to cook a rattlesnake. The final resting places of Jimi Hendrix, Ty Cobb, and John Belushi. How toilets work in space. The nicknames of the most notorious serial killers. How to...