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Julianne S. Oktay

Breast Cancer: Daughters Tell Their Stories

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ISBN: 0789014521
Издательство: Haworth Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 427
Book Description"I will always and forever feel I have a ?hole? in my life where my mother once existed." This insightful book tells the stories of women whose mothers had breast cancer. It uses their own voices to express the common fears and expectations of daughters in the periods before and during their mothers? illnesses, involving genetic risks, death and dying, and changes in their relationships. The case studies, tables and figures, and two appendices will benefit health professionals and counselors, while the poignant narratives will help mothers and daughters better understand their experiences with breast cancer. "I was kind of surprised to be alive and free of cancer at age 42, when at this point my mother was crippled by metastases. When I get to be 43?the age at which my mother died, or maybe when I get to 44, it?s like, ?what do I do?? I have this life that I didn?t expect to have." Breast Cancer: Daughters Tell Their...