Обложка книги Burdened to Tell

Burdened to Tell

ISBN: 1579216412;
Издательство: Pleasant Word
Страниц: 172

Book DescriptionSharon Allen, a long-time public school administrator, was diagnosed with an extremely rare and lethal form of cancer. Having determined that God's will was in opposition to treatment, she began writing this manuscript, at what she believed to be the bidding of the Holy Spirit. As she detailed her decision to refuse cancer treatment, what began to unfold was an account of a miraculous thread through her life. As a result, her theological foundations have evolved. She was "burdened to tell" many painful and embarrassing events revealed in these pages. She believes her obedience to place these events in print to glorify His name is one reason God has allowed her to live. It was not immediate, but it did evolve, whereby Sharon could thank the Lord for her cancer. Without that diagnosis, the reflections that took place while writing this manuscript detailing her sometimes troubled and often rebellious life would not have provided the blessings that have followed as a...