Обложка книги Why Not Me: My Triumph over Troubles

Why Not Me: My Triumph over Troubles

ISBN: 1592867375;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 108

Book DescriptionWhy Not Me? is based on my Christian walk and the troubles, tests, trials, and temptations I have been through and how, with God?s help, I have triumphed. When I was told that I had breast cancer, the only thought that played over inmy mind was, ?why not me?? I had to learn to trust God and to have joy in the midst of my problems. I learned that fearing God did not mean to be afraid of Him. God used the circumstances of my life to change me. Physical afflictions and difficult times happen to Christians. Jesus suffered. Why should we feel exempt from suffering? How can I tell others about God?s greatness if I have never experienced difficult times? We are to give thanks to God in ALL our circumstances. He will deliver us from them all

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