Обложка книги HIV 2nd edition (Acp Key Diseases Series)

HIV 2nd edition (Acp Key Diseases Series)

ISBN: 1930513356;
Издательство: American College of Physicians
Страниц: 300

Book DescriptionOur understanding of HIV is constantly increasing, and practice standards continue to evolve. What was previously a progressive disease with frequent debilitating complications is now, for many patients, a treatable chronic medical condition. The resulting changes in patient management present important challenges to practicing physicians. Each patient encounter offers an opportunity to alter the course of this epidemic, and primary care providers play an essential role in such efforts. HIV, second edition makes a valuable contribution to the current knowledge base of this disease. In light of the latest research, HIV addresses pertinent issues in HIV management and care. It is fully updated, offering expanded chapters on epidemiology, transmission, pathogenesis, and diagnosis, in addition to new research on opportunistic infections and cancers. Unique to this edition are chapters that address pharmakokinetics, resistance testing, therapeutic drug monitoring,...

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