Обложка книги Ask Irwin: Life, Love, and HIV--A Collection of Essays

Ask Irwin: Life, Love, and HIV--A Collection of Essays

ISBN: 1886383960;
Издательство: Windstorm Creative Ltd.
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionFirst published in the late 1990s, Irwin Michelfelder's columns are timeless. He sees into human nature with clarity and compassion, gently guiding readers toward truth in their lives. "Ask Irwin" was a regular feature in Bay Windows,a Boston-based weekly newspaper. Responding to questions from the community at large, Irwin tackled issues related to HIV and AIDS by using an honest, thought-provoking and personal approach. Without ever resorting to "psycho-babble," Irwin talked directly and explicitly about AIDS transmission, prevention and safe sex practices. His compassion for those he responded to and his clarity in describing the consequences of one's actions make his columns one of the most widely read and discussed featuresof the paper. This complete collection has lost none of its importance in the years since its initial publication--in fact, his words are more important today than ever.

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