Обложка книги Diagnosis and Management of HIV/AIDS

Diagnosis and Management of HIV/AIDS

ISBN: 1904798225;
Издательство: Anshan
Страниц: 476

Book DescriptionThe tragic proliferation of HIV/AIDS on the Indian sub-continent is a matter of international concern. This is the first comprehensive Indian work on HIV/AIDS, with each contributing author an expert in their field of specialisation. It comprehensively covers the issues and complexities of this virus/disease, keeping in view the social and cultural backgrounds, constrained financial and infrastructural resources, and the peculiar and distinct HIV strains, as compared to other countries. It presents the spectrum of latest information, from basic HIV science to diagnosis, management and ethical and legal issues, and contains suitable figures and flowcharts for easy comprehension. It covers the application and efficacy of antiretroviral therapy, the management of opportunistic infections, AIDS and tuberculosis, and discusses the monitoring of immune functions and viral load. The book also deals with non-clinical issues, such as the correct approach to an HIV...