Обложка книги Family Care in HIV/AIDS: Exploring Lived Experience

Family Care in HIV/AIDS: Exploring Lived Experience

ISBN: 076193233X;
Издательство: SAGE Publications
Страниц: 218

Book DescriptionThis book vividly describes family care in HIV//AIDS through the lived experiences of caregivers and care receivers. It contributes to our knowledge not only because of the contemporary relevance of family caregiving, but also because of its focus on HIV//AIDS which, being a relatively new disease, is little understood yet poses unique challenges due to its stigmatising, long-drawn, debilitating and terminal nature. Based on a study conducted in Mumbai, Family Care in HIV//AIDS captures the lived experiences of 10 caregivers and seven care receivers belonging to diverse socio-economic groups and traditional as well as non-traditional family settings. Overall, the book provides valuable insights into a range of important issues related to caregiving in family settings while identifying areas for intervention and further research. In addition, it overcomes many gaps identified in the substantive area of family care by Western researchers.