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Diane E. Goldstein

Once Upon A Virus

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ISBN: 0874215870
Издательство: Utah State University Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 226
Tracing the rich tradition of AIDS legends in relation to current scholarship on belief, Diane Goldstein shows how such stories not only articulate widespread perceptions of risk, health care, and health policy, they also influence official and scientific approaches to the disease and its management. Notions that appear in narratives of who gets AIDS, how and why, are indicators of broad issues involving health beliefs, concerns, and needs. Since reports of the first cases of HIV/AIDSin the early 1980s, contemporary, or "urban," legends about origins of the virus, modes of transmission, deliberate infection, withheld treatment, and minority genocide have proliferated. Told cross-culturally, stories recount HIV-filled needles in movietheatre seats, pinpricks in drugstore shelf condoms, semen in fast food, and HIV-positive sexual predators. Though fascinating, intriguing, and often frightening, these narratives more than merely entertain. They warn and inform, articulate notions of...
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