Обложка книги Poison Ivy, Pets & People (10thingstoknow about . . . series)

Poison Ivy, Pets & People (10thingstoknow about . . . series)

ISBN: 0972240012;
Издательство: 2Lakes Publishing
Страниц: 104

Book Description People can learn to defend themselves and their pets from America's most common pernicious plants in this pocket-sized guide to the hazards of poison oak, ivy, and sumac. The facts are outlined in a succinct, no-nonsense format interspersed with personal stories from the author, gardeners, pet lovers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, providing an upbeat and humorous spin to essential information on how to stay safe from the plants. Such topics as plant identification, symptoms after contact, treatment, prevention, and conventional remedies are addressed alongside anecdotes from Native American folklore and a resource directory for further research.