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Beatrice Trum Hunter

Air and Your Health: Clean Air Is Vital to Your Health (Basic Health Guides)

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ISBN: 1591200571
Издательство: Basic Health Publications
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 136
Book DescriptionMost people have no idea that they aren't breathing only oxygen when they inhale. Outdoors, they may be inhaling volatile organic compounds (VOGs) from automobile exhaust, benzene, solvents, PCBs, MTBE, wood smoke, dust particulates, soot, and ozone. Indoors, they may be inhaling formaldehyde, radon radiation, or asbestos fibrils. Without even knowing it, they may be suffering from sick-building syndrome. This book is important reading for everyone who wants to know how air quality relates to health and how it can be improved in their personal environments.