Обложка книги And We Fly Away: Living Beyond Alzheimer's

And We Fly Away: Living Beyond Alzheimer's

ISBN: 0806645709;
Издательство: Augsburg Fortress Publishers
Страниц: 80

Book DescriptionAnd We Fly Away is the moving story of the punishing, yet extraordinarily graceful, final years in the life of Ray Ashford?s wife, Phyllis, a victim of Alzheimer?s disease, and of Ashford?s own emergence from sorrow. Markedby the conviction that death is a marvelous beginning and not the end, this poignant work will speak to the hearts of those who are coping with aging and bereavement. Ashford tells his story in spare, poetic prose and includes a "mini-anthology" of helpful and comforting quotations from scripture and literature.