Обложка книги Cognitive Neuropsychology Of Alzheimer's Disease

Cognitive Neuropsychology Of Alzheimer's Disease

ISBN: 0198508301;
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Страниц: 421

Book DescriptionAlzheimer's disease can be thought of as a multi-faceted neuropsychological disorder, with diverse impairments in cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory, language and executive functioning. Over the last decade cognitive neuropsychology has provided a far richer understanding of these impairments, and this book describes these advances, placing them in their clinical context. The first section deals with background theoretical and clinical issues, such as the extent to which Alzheimer's disease can be considered as a single entity or whether it is more fruitful to explore the neuropsychology of individual patients. It considers the diagnostic aspects of Alzheimer's disease, the natural history of the disease, how it progresses over time and the characteristics of the prodromal phase. A second section, the core of the book, covers major cognitive functions and delineates how