Обложка книги Dying With Open Eyes : Alzheimer's Disease

Dying With Open Eyes : Alzheimer's Disease

ISBN: 0595340547;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 164

Book Description Dying With Open Eyes is a valuable resource for caregivers of those suffering from the devastating effects of Alzheimer?s disease. After eleven years of caring for her mother, author Jennie Swanson Dincecco, EdD, shares her insight into the daily struggles and emotional upheavals, as well as the helplessness and frustration she encountered during this trying period. Packed with helpful information, Dying With Open Eyes offers hope for caregivers and their families.From early warning signs to in-depth descriptions of each stage of the disease, Dinececco provides answers to commonly asked questions about Alzheimer?s disease, such as: What is Alzheimer?s? What causes Alzheimer?s? What does it cost to care for an Alzheimer?s patient? When is Alzheimer?s usually diagnosed? Is Alzheimer?s genetic? How long can a person live with Alzheimer?s? Can the onset of Alzheimer?s be...