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John G. Fullerton

I'll Never Wander Away : A Memoir of an Alzheimer's Love Affair

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ISBN: 1413747515
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 132
Book Description I'll Never Wander Away underscores the progressive struggle of coping with Alzheimer's disease, while revealing a unique mid-life love affair fraught with spiritual implications and synchronicity. Therein lies the story of John, a recovering alcoholic, who, while contending with the issues of an estranged wife and a current love interest, meets his step-cousin, Delores. He hasn't seen her in over forty-five years. Through a circuitous series of events, they become reacquainted, fall in love, and are blissfully married, only for Delores to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Amidst the grief and struggle to bring comfort to his stricken wife, as well as recognize his own failing health, Fullerton attempts to convey a poignant reminder to himself, as well as the reader, that life, with all its earthly possessions, is only temporary, and that humanity would be wise to live in moderation and enjoy the temporal satisfactions while they exist.