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Howard M. Shulman

The Diabetic Patients Handbook: The Easy Guide To Managing Your Diabetes, Second Edition

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ISBN: 0967549817
Издательство: Worldwide Educational Resources
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 124
Book DescriptionWHY READ THIS BOOK? It has been said that without your health you have nothing. Having good health is a goal shared by all people regardless of their social or economic standing. Good health, like other desirable goals in life, is often not given to you, but has to be earned and then you can lose it without warning. If you are reading these words then you or someone close to you has diabetes. After getting over the initial shock of this news you can decide to do one of two things. Hope the doctor was wrong and it goes away or Declare war on it and fight back! Lets talk about the first choice. Persons with diabetes have a risk of dying from diabetic complication that is 1.5 to 2 times the general population. Ignoring the problem would not appear to be very wise. I recommend the second choice because the twin soldiers of knowledge and action can defeat diabetes. If you are at risk to become a diabetic it is not inevitable that you will develop it....