Обложка книги The Laughing Head

The Laughing Head

ISBN: 1413730280;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 69

Book Description?...her image below begins laughing until I hit the cold ground to make her disappear...? The Laughing Head is Annie Wiley. She created this image of herself as a child to deal with secret anxiety and abuse. She built this character up until her emotional self-abuse became physical. From age twelve until she began recovery at age twenty she was what doctors diagnosed as severely bulimic and mildly anorexic. Annie brings you into her life, not only through her story, but also through her journals and poetry. She began writing at a young age, finding release from the power of her own words. The Laughing Head is an important encounter with truth for anyone to read. Bulimia can kill just as easily as it can be kept secret. In telling her story, Annie describes how she stepped forward in hope so that others may also find this path into light. It is her hope that those who are suspicious of behaviors they see in friends or relatives will be able to confront the...