Обложка книги Discus Catalogue

Discus Catalogue

ISBN: 9834199406;
Издательство: AquaCare Worldwide
Страниц: 160

New varieties of Discus are created all the time due to cross breeding and inbreeding. This is made possible because of the versatility of the Discus fish. However, the numerous varieties found today have also caused a lot of confusion amongst enthusiasts. This is a comprehensive guide to Discus varieties that will definitely help readers understand and appreciate this beautiful creation of nature much better. This catalogue provides the latest information on Discus varieties. It has also categorized the varieties based on their characteristics with explanations on how some of the varieties are created. It is well illustrated with over 600 color photos on most of the different color patterns and varieties. To make sure that this catalogue continues to serve Discus enthusiasts as a timeless and comprehensive guide, it is published in ring bound form so that new information can be added-on from time to time. With 160 pages and a fold poster, this book is a must for serious breeders,...

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