Обложка книги Myelin: Biology and Disorders

Myelin: Biology and Disorders

ISBN: 0124395104; 9780124395107;
Издательство: Academic Press
Страниц: 1600

Book DescriptionWith the completion of the "Human Genome Project" and the cloning and complete molecular description of the known myelin genes, the stage has been set for a detailed understanding of the biology of myelin, the disease processes affecting myelin and the potential for myelin repair and regeneration. Myelin Biology and Disorders brings together in one place, the recent advances in molecular and cellular biology along with visual data from MRI, confocal microscopy and high voltage EM techniques to provide new insights into disease mechanisms. This book represents a unique research reference on myelin biology and will serve as the definitive resource for both the professional clinical and basic scientist. * Critically reviews andevaluates all the important genetic and molecular and cellular biological data on the individual myelin genes/proteins * Details the structural and functional biology of myelin, including a look at the relationship between...

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