Обложка книги Barkin' Dog : How to Talk with Aphasia

Barkin' Dog : How to Talk with Aphasia

ISBN: 1413730620;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 217

Book DescriptionEd Bas is a journalist, a father, a runner, and an aphasic survivor. He had a stroke in June 2002. He began writing this book one week after his stroke and continued working on it for the following two years. Barkin? Dog: How to Talkwith Aphasia is recommended for people who have aphasia and their families. Aphasia sufferers are those who have lost some of their ability to speak or read language due to a stroke. Losing the ability to communicate is a tremendous dilemma. Mr. Bas courageously and frankly discusses reading, writing, exercise, diet, medicine, computers/software, contacts, suffering and loving for stroke victors.