Обложка книги Common Symptom Answer Guide

Common Symptom Answer Guide

ISBN: 0071416188;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Professional
Страниц: 430

Book Description Your family’s first line of defense! Provides expert medical advice on more than 100 common signs, symptoms, and problem areas— A-Z Common Symptom Answer Guide is a wonderful addition to your medical referencelibrary! Can you describe what your symptoms look and feel like—but not know what they mean? Written by an experienced team of physicians and nurses, this handy guide answers your questions before you go to the doctor. A-Z Common Symptom Answer Guide gives you— -A toolkit for matching your signs and symptoms to possible causes -A renowned medical team’s advice on symptoms from allergies to vomiting blood to irritability in children -Expert tips on relieving symptoms and helping yourself heal -What to avoid and what could make your condition worse -The questions your doctor will ask -Alphabetical listing of common symptoms for easy reference -A glossary of medical terms you...