Обложка книги Diabetes: Your Questions Answered

Diabetes: Your Questions Answered

ISBN: 0443073899;
Издательство: Churchill Livingstone
Страниц: 380

Book DescriptionThis new volume in the popular "Your Questions Answered" series uses a question-and-answer format to provide easy access to hands-on guidance on the management of diabetes. Its succinct, practical coverage explores the latest evidence-based practice guidelines and their interpretation. Case vignettes illustrate the clinical relevance of the material. * Includes case vignettes that demonstrate the practical application of the topics and guidelines discussed. * Examines evidence-based practice guidelines and their interpretation in everyday patient care, clarifying why these guidelines suggest certain approaches and indicating when strict adherence may not be the best policy. * Features the expertise of two experienced diabetes specialists who have been exposed to a wide range of different diabetic problems over many years. * Covers both common and uncommon issues. * Offers useful information on professional societies and guidelines, diagnostic criteria, journals, web...