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Infections Of Leisure

ISBN: 1555812996; 9781555812997;
Издательство: American Society Microbiology
Страниц: 444

Book DescriptionInfections of Leisure provides a thorough yet concise examination of the infectious risks and diseases of leisure time activity. Encompassing a wide range of medical and social interests, chapters provide practical, clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of various infectious risks in the garden, at the shore, on fresh water, on camping trips, traveling abroad, and on the farm. Additional chapters include up-to-date information on foodborne illnesses, and on animal-associated infections, with particular attention given to housepets. The rising prevalence of Lyme Disease, hepatitis and food poisoning make this volume vitally important. Family practitioners, internists, infectious disease specialists, pediatricians, and emergency room physicians will all benefit from the indispensable and practical information presented in this unique, groundbreaking volume.

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