Обложка книги Lyme Disease Alternative medicine can help

Lyme Disease Alternative medicine can help


ISBN: 1594571996;
Издательство: Imprint Books
Страниц: 82

Book DescriptionHannelore Helbing-Sheafe’s personal experience with Lyme disease was a powerful motivator to investigate possible ways to help herself and others. The focus of her holistically oriented practice was always on finding the cause of the problem and instructing patients in using natural medicine and therapy and/or specific nutrients to correct and reverse existing health problems. Her main focus has been to seek balance in all body systems. Lyme Disease –Alternative medicine can help provides valuable information about holistic therapy options for patients afflicted with acute or chronic Lyme disease problems but also provides detailed information regarding current medical diagnostic procedures and treatment. The book also provides details about the multiple, complexing symptoms experienced by patients of this disease. Lyme Disease –Alternative medicine can help is an education on “Nature’s Pharmacy”. It promises no miracle cures;...

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