Обложка книги Plants that Fight Cancer

Plants that Fight Cancer

ISBN: 0415298539;
Издательство: CRC Press
Страниц: 312

Book DescriptionPlants that Fight Cancer is an up-to-date, extensive review of plant genera and species with documented anticancer properties, serving as an invaluable aid to those engaged in cancer therapy or research. Current knowledge is briefly described in the first part of the book, along with the conventional, advanced and alternative treatments for cancer. This is followed by a general review of plant-derived groups of compounds with anticancer properties (chemistry, biosynthesis, mode of action). In the third section, more than 150 terrestrial plant genera and species are examined, including the tradition and mythology of each, along with their distribution, botany, culture, active ingredients and product applications, as well as an analysis of expected results and risks. Photographs and illustrations of each species are also included. The book closes with an analysis of algal extracts and isolated metabolites with anticancer activity. A summary of published research for...