Обложка книги When Someone You Love Has Depression

When Someone You Love Has Depression

ISBN: 0859699064;
Издательство: Sheldon Press
Страниц: 148

Book DescriptionDepression has a huge impact on the lives of both people who suffer from it, and those who live with them or care for them. While a lot of attention is given to people who suffer from depression, the effect on those who have to live with it, and care for sufferers is overlooked. In this book, aimed at friends and family, Barbara Baker describes the condition, causes, symptoms and treatment for depression and goes into detail about the difficulties of caring for someone who is depressed. She explores how depression affects relationships and the emotions of the caretakers, as well as offering practical advice on how to best help the person who is ill. This book, like all Sheldon Press titles includes resource lists for additional information and assistance, so you need never be left to cope on your own.