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Noel L. Griese

New Hope Avoiding Lung Cancer: Give the Gift of Longer Life to Someone You Love

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ISBN: 0970497539
Издательство: Anvil Publishers
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 214
Book Description"New Hope" is targeted at the U.S. group most likely to get lung cancer, the nation's 90 million past and present smokers, and at the 1.2 billion smokers worldwide as well. Smoking causes 80 to 87 percent of lung cancer. Tobacco use on average reduces life expectancy of males in the United States by 13.2 years and of U.S. females by 14.5 years. This book deals with current research into the best ways to quit smoking. For those who have already quit, it deals with lifestyles that reduce the risk of lung cancer. The book also covers some of the latest technology for screening the high-risk population to detect lung cancers early enough before metastasis so they can be successfully treated.Download DescriptionMore people die annuallyof lung cancer in the United States than of breast, prostate and colon cancer combined, notes Noel Griese, author of "New Hope: Avoiding Lung Cancer." Griese's book, written for the 90 million past and present smokers in the...
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