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Laura L. Fine

Laura's New Heart: A Healer's Spiritual Journey Through A Heart Transplant

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ISBN: 1414064330
Издательство: Authorhouse
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 152
Book Description"Laura?s New Heart" follows the dramatic journey of a vibrantly successful Wholistic Healer, teacher, coach and counselor as she learns she has congestive heart failure. Laura sweeps you along in her struggles to implement spiritual,creative, healing beliefs and practices in the face of a rapidly deteriorating condition. Deeply challenged by her years as a teacher, having trained hundreds of students, Laura is faced with the formidable task of practicing what she preaches, only to discover flaws and limitations of these beliefs. We follow Laura through her daily life as she applies her training and understanding of various alternative-healing modalities in efforts to heal herself - to no avail. It is not until Laura is on her deathbed that she consents to be evaluated for a heart transplant after which a series of uncanny miracles remarkably unfold. She invites you intimately into her mind and way of being in human struggles, failures and triumphs. Laura reveals...