Обложка книги Progress against Heart Disease

Progress against Heart Disease

ISBN: 0275981517;
Издательство: Praeger Publishers
Страниц: 248

Book DescriptionIn the last 35 years, declining deaths from heart disease have translated into 13 million lives saved and extended. Medical treatments and lifestyle changes have dealt successfully with the serious heart problems of Vice President RichardCheney, talk show host David Letterman, Disney/ABC CEO Michael Eisner, and countless other less famous people. In the past, those with serious heart disease would have died young, but today can live long and active lives. Few families have not benefited from improvements in the way we treat and prevent heart problems, yet we often hear that poor lifestyle and the limitations of modern medicine threaten our health and well-being. Although room for improvement always remains, this book provides evidence tothe contrary: we have made and continue to make tremendous progress in dealing with heart disease.