Обложка книги Unnecessary Heart Surgery : How it Happens and How to Avoid it

Unnecessary Heart Surgery : How it Happens and How to Avoid it

ISBN: 1413734715;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 77

Book DescriptionAs shown in the Preface, numerous surveys have concluded that most heart bypass surgery is unnecessary. Supported by hospital records, this is one patient?s story of how it happened to him.The book includes a detailed record of the experience from the day he fell on his chest in a touch-football game to the day he was given a fraudulent consent form to sign, to the day the surgeon wrote an entry in which he claimed the surgery was done because the patient wanted it. It goes on to reveal what a house of mirrors consent regulations and law are in one state. Recommendations by the American Hospital Association are the only rules that protect a patient from unnecessary or unwanted surgery and other treatment, but they are not legally enforceable. It reveals that the Patient Bill of Rights is mostly fluff, and the prime example is the point that gives a patient the right to know his doctor?s name, but nothing about his education, license, resume or medical record.

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